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At Blue Bell Leasing we believe that customer service is what small business is all about.  By keeping things small and personal, we can get to know who you are, what you want and use our past experiences together to make sure that we are always thinking about how we can meet your transportation needs. Our customers are the ones who make our business possible, and for that we owe them the best customer service possible.  We lease clean, well-equipped Ford Transit 10-passenger vans to schools and camps in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Our vans do not require a CDL-licensed driver, so they can be driven by any teacher, coach or staff member. Our vans are serviced to the highest  standards of maintenance. All vans come equipped with first-aid kits,fire-extinguishers and emergency seat-belt cutters.

If you need a few more vans this year…

If your current fleet is getting up in years…

If you just have more trips, sports and errands than you have vehicles…

You can reach me at

(215) 646-1897               -Anna

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